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The Fitting Room is on a mission to prove that fashion can be fun and accessible for everyone – celebrating difference and ripping open the seams of what makes us individual.

Clothes are how we express our inner selves to the outside world – but what if a non-standard body, identity or personality makes it impossible to buy clothes that really fit, flatter or flaunt a unique style?

The volunteers putting themselves in the hands of the programme’s resident experts for the most part, live lives less ordinary than the majority of us, and considerably more challenging too.

Whether due to non-standard body shape or size, gender identity, physical disability or something else entirely, they often find it impossible to find clothes that fit, suit their tastes and personalities, and say something about the people they are on the inside.

Enter The Fitting Room’s clothes designers Ruedi Maguire and Zoe Carol Wong, and stylist Ciara O’Doherty who offer the volunteers fashion and style advice, and create bespoke outfits for them. And of course, there’s ebullient meeter and greeter, Paddy Smyth to keep everyone in check!

Year of production:
Executive producers:
Donna Clark, Anne Stirling
Kyle Prince