Scripted Drama

Agatha and the Midnight Murders

The London Blitz is at its height as Agatha Christie, fifty years old, married, and more glamorous than ever, realises that she must take drastic action to clear her family’s debts. Her latest, explosive manuscript is worth thousands but will make her publishers unhappy. Instead, she enlists an old acquaintance, Travis Pickford, to help her broker a shady deal for it in a London hotel. But the exchange becomes fraught with danger. Trapped, and surrounded by people who cannot be trusted, Agatha is forced into a race against time to identify a murderer and save her precious manuscript.

Genre:Scripted Drama
Format:1 x 90
Production year:2019
TX Date:Wednesday 7th October, 9pm
Executive Producer:Emily Dalton
Written by:Tom Dalton
Produced by:Carol Harding
Directed by:Joe Stephenson
Series Editor:Fiona Brands
Starring:Helen Baxendale, Blake Harrison