Scripted Drama

The Mill

Based on the extensive historical archive of Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire and portraying the lives of real people, this powerful scripted drama series depicts Britain at a time when the industrial revolution is changing the country beyond recognition.

In the 1830s, children as young as nine work 12-hour shifts in the mills, and the new class of mill-owning families prosper. But the so-called “white slaves of England” are about to take their lives into their own hands for the first time as outsiders with new ideas enter their world.

Broadcaster:Channel 4
Distributor:Endemol Worldwide Distribution
Genre:Scripted Drama
Format:4 x 60 min
Production year:2013
Executive Producer:Dominic Barlow, Julian Ware
Written by:John Fay
Directed by:James Hawes
Starring:Kerrie Hayes, Matthew McNulty, Kevin McNally, Donald Sumpter, Aidan McArdle, Sacha Parkinson, Holly Lucas, Claire Rushbrook, Barbara Marten, Jamie Draven, Craig Parkinson, Katherine Rose Morley