Factual Series

Made in Great Britain

This brand new series for BBC2 tells the story of how our nation’s craft and manufacturing skills have shaped our towns and cities and built modern Britain. It is a story that began with local pioneers developing incredible handmade skills rooted in the British landscape, from the forges of Sheffield to the potteries of Stoke.

Former engineer and BBC business presenter Steph McGovern,  searches for the secrets of our success, sending four passionate craftspeople into the past.  They make their way through 900 years of progress, trying their hand at everything from medieval shoes to18th century steel, Victorian chocolate to monastic cheese.

Broadcaster:BBC Two
Genre:Factual Series
Format:6 x 60
Production year:2018
TX Date:9pm 26th October 2018 weekly
Executive Producer:Jo Bishop, Emily Dalton, Anne Stirling
Produced by:Kim Maddever, Dunk Barnes
Directed by:Matthew Ainsworth, Susie Attwood, James Harrison, Kim Maddever