Factual Specials

What The Green Movement Got Wrong

Climate change has thrown humanity into crisis and in order to save the planet, and ourselves, a radical group of environmentalists believe we need to adopt controversial scientific and  technological solutions. They advocate drought resistant GM crops, carbon free nuclear energy and more urbanisation. The radicals are lifelong environmentalists who have changed their minds on key issues. They think the green movement has now become part of the problem and needs to change – that it is now compromised by old ideas, old ideology and opinions formed when the movement first started 40 years ago.

Broadcaster:Channel 4
Distributor:Endemol Worldwide Distribution
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 60 min
Production year:2010
Executive Producer:John Smithson, Julian Ware
Produced by:Alex Kiehl
Directed by:Louise Osmond