Factual Specials

Turin Shroud: The New Evidence

It is one of the most controversial relics in all Christendom. Some believe it is a physical link to Jesus of Nazareth – his crucified image imprinted onto a 1st century linen cloth. For others, it is nothing more than an elaborate medieval forgery. For centuries, people have argued about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. In 1988, the definitive scientific verdict on the Shroud was announced: radiocarbon dating concluded the Shroud of Turin was a 700 year old medieval hoax. But today, new scientific findings pose the first substantive challenge to the 1988 radiocarbon dating. If these findings prove to be accurate, then the age and authenticity of the Shroud of Turin will, once again, be open to debate.

Broadcaster:Channel 4, Discovery Channel
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 60 min
Production year:2008
Executive Producer:Didi O'Hearn, Julian Ware
Produced by:Michael Epstein
Directed by:Michael Epstein