Factual Specials

The Secret Diary of the Holocaust

In 2005, the school notebook in which a 14 year old Polish girl, Rutka Laskier, recorded her last months in the ghetto of Bedzin was made public, six decades after she hid it under the floorboards of her home there. Rutka was immediately dubbed the ‘Polish Anne Frank’.

In her diary, Rutka details her life in the ghetto in 1943 – not just the Nazi atrocities and physical hardship, but also how she was developing as a young woman, and her first steps towards relationships with boys. She also tells of how she made a daring escape from one of the early ‘aktions’ – Nazi round-ups of Jews for transportation.

This documentary unravels Rutka’s story through the eyes of her half-sister, Israeli academic Zahava Scherz, on a journey to discover the life Rutka led in Bedzin before the Holocaust.

Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 40 min
Production year:2010
Executive Producer:Ali Turner
Produced by:Alex Marengo
Directed by:Alex Marengo