Factual Series

Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections

In this returning series, Richard Hammond discovers the startling Engineering Connections behind the world’s most ambitious engineering projects: from Wembley Stadium and the Millau Viaduct Bridget to an Airbus A380 Aircraft and Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

As Richard Hammond discovers, hidden deep in the DNA of these objects are an amazing range of unexpected connections, spanning thousands of years of history and originating from every corner of the globe. Through large-scale demonstrations he investigates the crucial technological innovations, ideas and legacies that makes these engineering marvels possible.

Broadcaster:National Geographic US, National Geographic International
Distributor:National Geographic International, LLC
Genre:Factual Series
Format:6 x 60 min
Executive Producer:David Gilbert, Tom Brisley
Produced by:Mike Slee
Directed by:Mike Slee