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Word of the Year 2017

Narrated by JANE HORROCKS, this fascinating documentary explores our favourite words of 2017 and reveals Oxford Dictionaries Word of the...

Factual Series

Nazi Megastructures Series 4

Nazi Megastructures follows a team of experts as they uncover a Nazi world that has been hidden for decades

Megastructures Series 4

Factual Specials

Catching the Tax Dodgers

This film follows HMRC’s elite criminal investigation force for the very first time

Tax Dodgers

Factual Specials

Egypt’s Treasure Guardians

Join the intrepid group of people saving Egypt's treasures and bringing it back from the brink

Egypt's Treasure Gardens

Factual Series

Nazi Megastructures Series 3

In his quest for world domination, Hitler demanded some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware in history

Nazi Megastructures

Scripted Drama


How David Croft and Jimmy Perry brought Dad's Army to our screens

We're Doomed

Factual Series


The stories of real Brits caught up in extreme weather abroad

Weather Terror

Factual Series

24 Hours in the Past

Six famous faces sample the gruelling life of the Victorian working class

24 hours in the past

Factual Specials

Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance

The tale of Dream Alliance, the rags-to-riches racehorse and unlikely champion

Dark Horse

Factual Specials

Richard III: The Burial of the King

A series of live programming celebrating the extraordinary life of Richard III, culminating in his burial at Leicester cathedral

Richard III

Factual Series

The Real Mill

The real lives of the workers in the Mill

Tony Robinson

Factual Specials

Nazi Death Camp: The Great Escape

The compelling true story of a Nazi death camp break out

Nazi Death Camp