Scripted Drama


How David Croft and Jimmy Perry brought Dad's Army to our screens

We're Doomed

Factual Series


The stories of real Brits caught up in extreme weather abroad

Weather Terror

Factual Series

What Britain Buys And Sells In A Day

A three-part specialist factual series that explores the hectic world of Britain’s imports and exports. As our trading relationships face...

Ed Balls

Factual Specials

What The Green Movement Got Wrong

This is a controversial film about a radical group of environmentalists who are challenging the movement they helped to create.

What the Green Movement Got Wrong

Factual Series

Witness to Disaster

Compelling stories of disaster, told through the eyes of those who were there. A mine collapses in Chile, wildfires burn...

Witness to Disaster

Factual Specials

Word of the Year 2017

Narrated by JANE HORROCKS, this fascinating documentary explores our favourite words of 2017 and reveals Oxford Dictionaries Word of the...

Factual Specials

WWI: Finding the Lost Battalions

In 2009, 250 unknown soldiers from a First World War battle were discovered in mass graves in France. Can 21st century science give them back their identities?

WW2 Lost Battalions

Factual Specials

Young Elvis in Colour

30 years after the death of the King of Rock 'n Roll, this film celebrates the original Elvis by telling the story of a young man who changed the world forever.

Street at night