Factual Specials

Falklands’ Most Daring Raid

The heroic story of how a crumbling, Cold War Vulcan flew the then longest range bombing mission in history and how a WW2 vintage bomb changed the outcome of the Falklands War.


Factual Specials

How the Bismarck Sank HMS Hood

The "Mighty" Hood was the pride of the British Navy – revered around world...


Factual Series

Mega Factories: Supercars

The incredible construction stories behind the world's most cutting edge cars.

Mega Factories

Factual Specials

Megastorm: Hurricane Sandy

We track monster Hurricane Sandy hour by hour as it rampaged up the East coast of America.

Megastorm: Hurricane Sandy

Factual Specials

Inside Raising the Concordia

Remarkable access to the uprighting of the fated cruise ship, Costa Concordia.


Factual Specials

Top Secrets: Presidential Assassinations

Revealing the surprising and outright shocking facts surrounding America's Presidential assassinations.


Factual Specials

A Great British Air Disaster

Revealing the truth behind one of the biggest triumphs - and greatest tragedies - in British aviation history.

Great British Air Disaster

Factual Specials

Top Secrets: Doomsday

Revealing the surprising and shocking secrets about how the world might end.