Factual Series

Nazi Megastructures: Russia’s War

This is the story of Hitler’s war on the Eastern Front – an attempt to liquidate the Russian people and gain living space for his superior Aryan race. It is a conquest that takes the Nazis all the way to the gates of Moscow and back to the heart of Berlin. A war of annihilation that culminates in the collapse of the Third Reich. The series reveals the cunning strategy, defensive megastructures and military technology deployed in this devastating war of brutality between giants.

Broadcaster:National Geographic
Genre:Factual Series
Format:3 x 60
Production year:2018
TX Date:Wed 6th June 2018; Wed 13th June ; Wed 20th June
Executive Producer:Erika Dodd
Produced by:Ashley Morris
Directed by:Ashley Morris, James Millar, Sid Bennett
Starring:Tony Pollard, James Holland, Patrick Bury, Alexandra Richie, Gavin Lindsay, Guttorm Fjeldstad