Factual Specials

Megastorm: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and killed at least 285 people along its destructive path across seven countries. Its storm surge hit New York on October 29th 2012, flooding the city. Its devastating tentacles reached from Cuba to Canada and millions were affected by widespread flooding, fires, blackouts and mass evacuations.

Compiling user generated content from those directly affected, we get into the eye of the storm – minute by minute and second by second – and piece together the human impact of Hurricane Sandy. Finally, as the storm surge relents, we look to the future. What can this teach us about how best to prepare for the next Megastorm?

Broadcaster:Discovery Channel
Distributor:Endemol Worldwide Distribution
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 60 min
Production year:2012
Executive Producer:Ben Blair
Produced by:Dick Bower
Directed by:Ben Blair, George Pagliero