Factual Specials

How the Bismarck Sank HMS Hood

When the “Mighty” Hood met the German battleship Bismarck on May 24th 1941, its end was shockingly swift. The pride of the British Navy was hit at least twice, causing an enormous explosion. Hood sank in minutes and only three people on board survived. 1,415 were killed: the largest loss of life ever suffered on a British warship.

For decades, no-one was able to discover why the Hood sank so quickly. Naval Boards of Inquiry failed to explain the tragedy, and a 2001 expedition was largely inconclusive. Now, two of the world’s leading shipwreck detectives have returned to crack the puzzle.

This film follows Deep Water Search and Recovery Expert David Mearns and Marine Archaeologist Innes McCartney through three dives in perilous conditions as they piece together the evidence. It also highlights a recent effort sponsored by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, who volunteered the use of his expedition yacht, M/Y Octopus, in an attempt to recover the Hood’s bell as a memorial to the ship and her crew. This film tells the story of an epic battle, and pays tribute to the men who lost their lives on board.

Broadcaster:Channel 4
Distributor:Endemol Worldwide Distribution
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 60 min
Production year:2012
Executive Producer:Julian Ware
Produced by:Lucie Ridout
Directed by:Ben Blair, Mark Radice