Factual Series

How Hard Can It Be?

Presented by a team of ambitious inventors and engineering enthusiasts, this series uses scientific theory, mathematics and expert analysis to attempt outlandish stunts.

Engineer Vin Marshall, mechanical engineer Paul Carson and inventor Erick Gocke apply their sense of adventure and humour to celebrate homebrewed engineering at its best. Each episode tackles a new challenge. Like in Disney’s Up, one episode sees the trio attempt to fly a house using helium balloons. With a little help from a pro-balloonist, some experiments with alternative gases and a purpose-built flying house, the audience witnesses an imaginary spectacle brought to life.

Broadcaster:National Geographic Channel
Distributor:National Geographic Channel
Genre:Factual Series
Format:3 x 60 min
Executive Producer:Ben Bowie
Produced by:Ian White, Jerry McNutt
Starring:Eric Gocke, Paul Carson, Vin Marshall