Factual Specials

Finding Life Beyond Earth

Commissioned to tie in with NASA’s ‘Year of the Solar System’, this two-hour special taps into the revolution currently happening in planetary sciences that is completely transforming our understanding of the Solar System.

The key focus is on the most intriguing question of all: is there life out there? This film looks for the most likely places to find it and questions what the implications would be if it was there. We follow key scientists in the field as they carry out their latest experiments. We accompany an astrobiologist hunting for life in waterless deserts and mixing up super cold alien atmospheres; a volcanologist looking for clues to Io’s volcanism here on Earth; and an astrophysicist trying to recreate the extraordinary power of the sun. With the help of breathtaking space images and cutting edge CGI we reveal a new, dynamic and extraordinary Solar System that is just coming into view.

Broadcaster:PBS Nova
Distributor:Endemol Worldwide Distribution
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 120 min
Production year:2011
Executive Producer:Ben Bowie
Written by:Oliver Twich
Produced by:Oliver Twich
Directed by:Oliver Twich