Scripted Drama


This is a dramatic feature-length biopic of the five great scientists who brought all the parts of Einstein’s most famous equation to life. Shot on location, the film spans 250 years of history, telling the human story behind the science. It’s a tale of heartbreak, execution and betrayal, romance, dedication and joy. Ultimately it is the story of young, ambitious scientists caught up by the huge forces of nature they seek to understand.

Broadcaster:WGBH, Channel 4, Arte, PBS, Tetra Media, Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Genre:Scripted Drama
Format:1 x 120 min
Production year:2005
Executive Producer:John Smithson, Paula Apsell
Produced by:Gary Johnstone
Directed by:Gary Johnstone
  • 2006 – Window on Science Awards Best portrayal of Science through TV drama or docu-drama
  • 2006 – Best TV drama production drawing on Science and Technology