Factual Series


In this ground breaking series, we analyse key data to come up with a possible model for urban life in 2050. And it’s not pretty. Our virtual Ecopolis is likely to be dirty, polluted, running out of food, water and fuel and prone to blackouts.

However, there are solutions. Professor Dan Kammen is a man with a mission – to find the technologies that could turn future cities into places we can look forward to living in – without trashing the planet. In each of five episodes, Kammen tackles a different threat to Ecopolis and judges five competing technologies that could solve the problem. Helped by number-crunchers from green think-tank The Centre for Alternative Technology, he must then choose just one winning idea to deploy in Ecopolis.

Broadcaster:Discovery Asia, The Science Channel
Distributor:Discovery Channel International
Genre:Factual Series
Format:6 x 60 min
Executive Producer:Ali Turner, Tom Brisley
Produced by:Jobim Sampson