Factual Specials

Deep Water

Confronted by a perilous sea, bad weather, an unfinished boat and painfully slow progress, sailor Donald Crowhurst faces an impossible dilemma – to continue into the open ocean on his 1968 solo round-the-world race with a leaking boat or return home defeated and bankrupt. Using original 16mm footage, tape recordings and interviews, this film reconstructs one man’s extraordinary physical and psychological journey.

Broadcaster:Channel 4
Distributor:Pathe, IFC Films
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 90 min
Production year:2006
Produced by:Al Morrow, John Smithson, Jonny Persey
Directed by:Jerry Rothwell, Louise Osmond
  • 2006 – Rome Film Festival, Premio Cult for Best Documentary
  • 2006 – Telluride Film Festival, Official Selection
  • 2007 – Grierson Awards, UK Film Council Best Cinema Documentary
  • 2007 – Focal Awards, best use of footage in a feature length doc or film
  • 2007 – San Diego Film Critics Society, Best Documentary