Factual Specials

Blitz: London’s Firestorm

29th December 1940: one of the most terrifying nights of the Blitz. Hitler hoped that, by destroying London’s most iconic buildings, he could destroy Britain’s national identity and will to fight. This is a unique and intimate snapshot of a crucial turning point in history, telling the story of a momentous 24 hours through the personal stories of some of those actually caught up in the events, including an American war correspondent, a couple trying to make their way home during the raid and a fireman fighting to contain the firestorm.

Broadcaster:Channel 4, PBS
Distributor:Channel 4 International
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 120 min
Production year:2005
Executive Producer:Julian Ware, Tom Brisley
Produced by:Louise Osmond
Directed by:Louise Osmond