Factual Series

Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea

By May 1940, Britain was an isolated nation. The Nazi’s controlled much of Europe, and cornered by Hitler, Britain’s only hope for survival was to import food, raw materials, and munitions from America. Merchant ships sailing the Atlantic in convoys became the nation’s crucial lifeline, one that the German U-Boats were determined to break. Thus began the longest and bloodiest campaign of WW2.

This four part series unpacks the critical moments of this battle. Powerful interviews with those who fought in the battle, dramatic archive and drama reconstructions bring the horrors of the Atlantic war to a new generation.

Broadcaster:Channel 4
Genre:Factual Series
Format:4 x 60 min
Executive Producer:Julian Ware
Produced by:Paul Copeland, Christopher Rowley
Directed by:Paul Copeland, Christopher Rowley