Factual Specials

9/11: The Falling Man

The story of the most unforgettable image from 9/11: a photograph of a falling man, a jumper from the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, frozen in midair, perfectly parallel against the lines of the building. The image ran in newspapers and magazines across the world over the following week, and could have become the defining image of that terrible day. Instead, it was quickly airbrushed out of history. Why?

Broadcaster:Channel 4, Discovery Channel
Distributor:Channel 4 International
Genre:Factual Specials
Format:1 x 90 min
Production year:2005
Executive Producer:John Smithson, Julian Ware, Sue Bourne
Produced by:Henry Singer
Directed by:Henry Singer
  • 2007 – New York Festival – World Gold Medal
  • 2007 – Televisual Bulldog Awards, Best Single Doc
  • 2007 – BANFF Hor Concours Selection

Nominated for Best Documentary at:

  • 2006 – International Emmys
  • 2007 – Broadcast Awards
  • 2007 – RTS Awards
  • 2007 – BAFTAs
  • 2007 – Focal Awards (Best Archive research)