England’s Forgotten Queen: The Life And Death Of Lady Jane Grey

Review posted on BBC’s website in December 2017. Episode 1:

“In this three-part series for BBC Four, historian Helen Castor pieces together the astonishing true story of Lady Jane Grey – the first reigning Queen of England.

We may think we know the history: an innocent teen thrust onto the throne and beheaded as a traitor after reigning for just nine days. But Helen discovers original documents that reveal a Tudor thriller – an epic story of dynastic rivalry, intrigue and betrayal. A young woman manipulated by older men who ends up losing her life as a result.

In July 1553, Tudor England is rocked by a constitutional crisis. Henry VIII’s young son Edward dies with no male heir to inherit the throne. Having never had a reigning Queen, England now has two who claim the title. Two women prepared to fight for the throne – the 37 year-old Catholic Mary Tudor and the teenage Protestant Jane Grey.

In this first episode, Helen Castor reveals an incendiary document, written in Edward’s spidery handwriting on his deathbed, which cuts his sister Mary out of the line of succession and leaves the throne to his cousin Jane. It forms the basis of a constitutional crisis that dragged the country to the edge of civil war.

But was it Edward’s idea? Or was the boy king manipulated by sinister forces behind the throne? Fearing a return to Catholicism, a cabal of rich and powerful men led by the Duke of Northumberland – the ‘Wicked Duke’ – covered up the King’s death for several days and staged a coup, placing Lady Jane Grey on the throne without even telling her.

Within a day of Jane being told she is to be Queen she enters the Tower of London, whilst Mary goes on the run to avoid capture and plan her revenge.

Confirmed for BBC Four on 9 January at 9pm to 10pm.

Pictured: Dr Helen Castor in front of the Delaroche painting, The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey.”


Article taken from BBC:

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Review posted on Channel 4’s website, Monday 4th December 2017:

“The special one-off programme will explore our favourite words of 2017, with Susie Dent celebrating the winning Word of the Year

Channel 4, in conjunction with Oxford Dictionaries, will tap into the dictionary makers’ expertise as 2017’s Word of the Year is acknowledged in a special one-off programme produced by DSP on Saturday 16th December.

Since 2004, Oxford Dictionaries have compiled an annual shortlist of the most noteworthy and culturally significant words and expressions reflective of each year, with one word given the prestigious title of Word of the Year. Previous Words of the Year include post-truth (2016), vape (2014) and selfie (2013).

This fascinating and funny documentary will feature a series of lively conversations between some well-known word lovers – including Jo Brand, Sara Pascoe, Nish Kumar and Aisling Bea – dissecting the meanings and origins of this year’s most interesting expressions, with narration by Jane Horrocks.

This year’s most interesting words cover topics ranging from food, fashion, social media and dating to happiness, identity, race, politics and America. And at the end of it all, Susie Dent will explain which word has been chosen by the Oxford Dictionaries’ lexicographers to take the momentous title of Word of the Year.

Word of the Year 2017 is produced by DSP, part of the Endemol Shine Group. Executive Producer is Donna Clark. The programme was commissioned for Channel 4 by Lizi Wootton, Commissioning Editor for Features.

Word of the Year 2017 airs Saturday 16th December at 6pm on Channel 4.”


Article taken from Channel 4:

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