DSP’s Christmas drama is on its way – The Dad’s Army Story

DSP’s latest drama will hit TV screens this Christmas!

WE’RE DOOMED! THE DAD’S ARMY STORY is the dramatized story of how legendary writers/producers Jimmy Perry and David Croft overcame BBC management scepticism, focus groups and cast constipation to get the much loved series onto air.

Dad’s Army, which gave us the cherished catchphrases ‘We’re Doomed!’ ‘Don’t Panic!’ ‘Stupid boy!’ & ‘They don’t like it up ‘em!’ was one of Britain’s most successful ever comedy sitcoms. At its peak, it attracted 18 million viewers every Saturday night and to this day, over 40 years later, continues to command an audience of millions with its repeats.

This one-off special is led by a stellar cast, including Paul Ritter as Jimmy Perry and Richard Dormer as David Croft. Running from Perry’s initial idea in 1967 until the transmission of the first episode in 1968, this affectionate and witty film shows the beginnings of Perry and Croft’s writing partnership and the casting woes, personal clashes and production difficulties that put the show’s very existence in jeopardy. It reveals to fans and newcomers alike what went on behind the scenes in the making of Dad’s Army and is a true love letter to British creativity.

You can watch our trailer here.

WE’RE DOOMED! THE DAD’S ARMY STORY will be shown on BBC2 at 9pm on Tuesday 22nd December, and again at 10.20pm on Christmas Day.

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DSP’s brand new series, WEATHER TERROR, kicks off at 8pm this Friday on Channel 5, with our first episode BRITS ABROAD.

We tell the real-life stories of Brits caught up in extreme and life-threatening weather events across the globe, and their incredible struggle to survive them. 

In Friday night’s first episode, we meet the Brimble family as torrential floods sweep away their camp in the south of France.  A killer storm hits a Belgian music festival and brings its sound stage crashing down.  A young British hiker and his friends almost die of starvation when they get lost in a flooded ravine.  And two Brits in the Philippines find themselves caught up in a disaster movie, when they are forced to rescue people from a flooded hotel in the wake of the most devastating typhoon on record.




Brand new living history series kicks off on BBC1 tomorrow night!

DSP’s bold four-part series that sees six familiar faces taken back in time to eat, sleep and breathe 19th century life, kicks off tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC1.

Travelling back in time to live the gruelling lives of the Victorian working class, our six intrepid volunteers are leaving all comforts of modern Britain firmly behind. Each episode sees celebrities Miquita Oliver, Alistair McGowan, Ann Widdecombe, Tyger Drew-Honey, Colin Jackson and Zoe Lucker take on a new 24 hour day in four different work places, where the living and working conditions were incredibly tough and absolutely not for the faint-hearted.

Episode One opens the groaning gates to the vast Victorian dustyard – the 19th century giant rubbish dump where everything was considered of value. Our celebrities will discover exactly what it takes to keep this lucrative business ticking over, sifting through and selling on everything from coal ash to old cabbages – the Victorians were first-class recyclers. Tasked with shifting as much rubbish as possible, and facing their first night with meagre food morsels on a working class wage, how well will the six celebrities survive in their first 24 Hours in the Past?