Following the news on Friday that the reburial of Richard III will be take place at Leicester Cathedral, DSP will work with Channel 4 to broadcast the moment live, when the King’s body is finally laid to rest in early 2015.

DSP has spent months extensively filming with both Leicester and York following the broadcast of Richard III: The King in the Car Park last year.  The reburial will be the culmination of an incredible story following the discovery, under a car park in Leicester, of the remains of the last English King to die in battle.

The broadcast will feature an authoritative team of presenters, historians and royal experts as well as representatives of the City of Leicester, the University of Leicester team which carried out the dig, the Looking for Richard project who originated the search and the Richard III Society.  It will also look at the history of Richard’s reign and the impact of the discovery on the people of Leicester.

Simon Young, our Executive Producer, says: “In all the excitement surrounding this discovery – and the enormous publicity it has generated – it is important to remember the human being at its heart. Richard III was the last English King to lead his soldiers into battle.  He put his life on the line for his Kingdom and it is fitting that he should now be laid to rest with all the dignity and respect that this sacrifice deserves.  It is an honour to be part of this unique national event.”