Factual Specials

Beckoning Silence

Joe Simpson, whose battle for survival featured in Touching the Void, travels to the Eiger to tell the story of one of mountaineering's most epic tragedies.

Factual Specials

Blitz: London’s Firestorm

29th December 1940: one of the most terrifying nights of the Blitz. Hitler hoped by destroying London's most iconic buildings, he could destroy Britain's national identity and will to fight.

Factual Series

Brick By Brick: Rebuilding Our Past

Dan Cruickshank and Charlie Luxton uncover the incredible hidden stories behind dismantled historic buildings, before meticulously resurrecting them.

Factual Specials


2012: the year Britain's weather turned deadly and the real stories of the victims caught up in its fury.

Factual Specials

Buildings in the name of God

An architectural examination of the religious fervour that drove men to build complex structures for the glory of god.

Factual Specials

Catching the Tax Dodgers

This film follows HMRC’s elite criminal investigation force for the very first time

Factual Specials

Children of 9/11

Ten years on, we give a voice, for the first time, to the young people directly affected by that fateful day.

Scripted Drama

Clapham Junction

36 hours in the lives of unrelated Londoners whose stories come together in a shocking murder on Clapham Common.

Factual Specials

Commando Chaplains

Among the thousands of armed soldiers in Afghanistan there is one group of men whose only weapon is the Bible. This is the story of the Royal Navy Chaplains.

Factual Specials

Concorde’s Last Flight

The Rise and Fall of the Supersonic Dream.

Factual Specials

Cruise Ship Disaster: Inside the Concordia

Eyewitness accounts of the tragedy of the sinking Concordia.

Factual Specials

Curiosity: The Devil’s Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle: A vast stretch of ocean where ships disappear without trace and planes vanish into thin air. This is a fable that continues to grip our imagination and feed our fears.