Factual Specials

Earth from Space

An epic quest to discover the invisible forces and processes that sustain life on our planet and, for the first time, to see them in action in vivid detail.

Factual Specials

Falklands’ Most Daring Raid

The heroic story of how a crumbling, Cold War Vulcan flew the then longest range bombing mission in history and how a WW2 vintage bomb changed the outcome of the Falklands War.

Factual Specials

How the Bismarck Sank HMS Hood

The "Mighty" Hood was the pride of the British Navy – revered around world...

Factual Series

Mega Factories: Supercars

The incredible construction stories behind the world's most cutting edge cars.

Factual Specials

Megastorm: Hurricane Sandy

We track monster Hurricane Sandy hour by hour as it rampaged up the East coast of America.

Factual Specials

Inside Raising the Concordia

Remarkable access to the uprighting of the fated cruise ship, Costa Concordia.

Factual Specials

Top Secrets: Presidential Assassinations

Revealing the surprising and outright shocking facts surrounding America's Presidential assassinations.

Factual Specials

A Great British Air Disaster

Revealing the truth behind one of the biggest triumphs - and greatest tragedies - in British aviation history.

Factual Specials

Top Secrets: Doomsday

Revealing the surprising and shocking secrets about how the world might end.